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100% Safe and Legit

FollowerBase is famous for providing 100% safe and legit followers. We ensure your Instagram account safety.

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We will promote your Instagram profile to get you relevant and highest-quality followers.

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A large number of followers will help you become an influencer and gain more social credibility.

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Huge number of followers encourages others to follow your Instagram profile.

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Our record validates that we always provide the fastest deliveries in the market. You can expect delivery of your Instagram followers, likes, or views on time.


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How to Real Instagram Followers?

1. Are these Instagram followers real users or fake bots?

FollowerBase is well-known for providing the best quality services to its customers. We always strive to facilitate our customers with our exceptional customer support. ing Instagram followers from us will help you increase your profile visibility and build up an engaged audience on social media.

Many service providers may offer cheaper solutions with lower-quality followers. They merely use bots and fake accounts to give you worthless follows, likes, and views. You will never want such inactive and interactive followers on your Instagram profile.

Do you want to ensure your account is avoiding fake followers? If yes, you will be pleased with our highest quality services as we invest in premium followers for your account. So if you want to elevate your position on Instagram, never miss out and get started with our affordable packages.

2. Why should I purchase Instagram followers if I can grow them organically?

This question is of great concern! It depends on how many followers you already have. Do you have 100K+ followers on your Instagram account? If yes, we recommend you continue growing your account gradually and organically for free. On the other hand, organic growth will be time-consuming if you have less than 100K followers. Although it is free,  it can take up to a few years to gain even 1000 organic followers.

Therefore, why waste a few years to get just 10K followers if you can get the same amount of followers within a few days? So the Instagram followers package to save your time and futile efforts. With the initial growth of followers, you will see organic following boosting fast. The initial boost of followers will help you snowball and grow even more organically.

So what is the point of posting great content on Instagram if you have only a few hundred followers and no one would see it? If you have more than 10,000 followers, it is more likely that you will get more audience to see and share the content you upload on Instagram.

Generally speaking, ing Instagram followers is the quickest and most convenient approach to growing your profile on Instagram. So this method of growth is highly preferred by most people.

3. Is it safe to Instagram followers?

It is a striking question! FollowerBase is highly concerned about your Instagram account’s safety and privacy. We promise that your account is 100% safe with us, and you will not experience any harm. Our customers are satisfied and happy with our offered services and have never faced account security and safety issues.

We avoid sending bots and inactive followers to your Instagram profile. They are existing and active followers, having profile pictures and posts on their accounts. We have been providing safe and legit since 2018, so you should not worry about it.Follo

4. Why should you use FollowerBase to Instagram followers?

Since 2018, we have delivered the best quality marketing services to our valued customers. We have stayed in trade for so long because we always try to please our clients by providing high-quality Instagram followers.

There are many different social media marketing firms on the Internet. They provide services that allow you to purchase Instagram followers. However, it is essential to note that all suppliers give various quality followers to customers at varying prices. If a cheap solution seems appealing, don’t be fooled into thinking that you are receiving high-quality followers for this amount of money, as you will most likely receive spam.

We, at FollowerBase, aim to offer the highest quality Instagram followers. You would not be able to tell which follower came from us and which one has joined you organically because we strive for the greatest possible quality. Unless you inform your friends, no one will be able to tell that you have purchased followers.

5. Is it possible to Instagram followers and achieve fame for myself or my brand?

Yes, ing Instagram followers might help you become well-known on the platform. Due to this, people are interested in our services. ing followers will instantly add new Instagram followers to your account, whereas organically growing may take a year or more to reach a few thousand.

If you manage a company’s Instagram account, you should be more interested in these services than anyone else. You understand that the more followers your profile has, the greater its credibility is on Instagram. More followers indicate increased trust and, as a result, higher sales and revenue!

So, if you want to be well-known on Instagram, ing followers is a helpful tool. You don’t have to wait long before your followers begin accumulating to your account. They will do so as soon as your purchase is complete. Other people viewing your profile will see that you already have substantial Instagram followers, and they will be your followers.

6. The advantages of purchasing Instagram followers

There are several advantages of ing Instagram followers for your profile.

  • First, you will grow your audience by ing Instagram followers. It implies fast development without waiting for months or even years as you would with organic growth.

  • Second, having more followers improves your credibility and trustworthiness. If you run a business or are an influencer with an Instagram account that offers services or products for sale, many followers will assist you in increasing sales. People tend to trust individuals with a large following. Look at two Instagram accounts side-by-side. One has 1K, and the other has 100K followers, so which one seems more credible to you?

  • Third, having countless followers increases the chances of gaining more organically. People are interested in individuals who succeed and are well-known. If someone sees that you have 100K Instagram followers, he will be more likely to follow your account simply because of your strong following.

Several more reasons to Instagram followers that aren’t listed here also hold great importance.

7. How does ing Instagram followers work?

The procedure of ing Instagram followers is convenient and straightforward.

  • You must first opt for one of our packages and provide your Instagram username. We don’t ask for sensitive information such as your password because we will not be logging into your account. You will be able to continue using Instagram as usual while we are boosting it.

  • After we begin working on your profile, you will see followers increasing on your Instagram account soon after you finish placing your order. It’s simple to do since we made it easy for our customers to purchase Instagram followers.

  • We aim for the highest degree of user satisfaction, which is why purchasing Instagram followers has never been easier.

8. Is it possible for my posts to get likes and comments from these Instagram followers?

We give you real people as followers for your Instagram profile. Our goal is to do genuine promotion and marketing for your Instagram account only to actual and active individuals.

If you share interesting and engaging content, then your followers will react, give likes, leave comments, and even share your posts. These are real people who use Instagram regularly. However, we cannot keep them engaged with your content if they don’t feel it is interesting. So it all depends on you whether or not you are engrossing them with your Instagram postings.

The main reason for ing Instagram followers is to increase the number of followers, not to get more likes or comments. Don’t worry if you are getting less interaction than you had expected. We also provide likes and comments packages that include; Instagram likes and comments.

9. Do purchase Instagram followers stay longer?

Followers on your Instagram profile are genuine people. They won’t expire after a set period. Followers will not depart or fall away after some time; instead, they will stay for a lifetime because they freely choose to follow your Instagram account.

We assure you that if even a few of them fall off and unfollow your Instagram account for any reason, we’ll refill them for free. We guarantee free lifetime refills for all Instagram services. So you can rest confident in the knowledge that you are receiving followers for a lifetime from us!

In other words, your Instagram followers will not drop. They will stay on your account permanently. So you may more Instagram followers who will stick to your profile forever.

10. What are the qualities of organic and existing Instagram followers?

It is a valid question because many qualities of Instagram followers are available in the online market.

High-quality Instagram followers mean that they are genuine and organic. Real Instagram followers are the individuals who are active on Instagram and are real people. It’s worth noting that FollowerBase only promotes your Instagram profile to actual people. So you’ll only receive real followers after attaining our services.

When you purchase Instagram followers from us, you can ensure that they are authentic people active on the platform. It’s critical because you don’t want any bogus or bot-like accounts to follow you on Instagram. You’re looking for real folks that will interact with your posts on Instagram. 

11. Why do Real and High-Quality Instagram Followers Matter?

You may purchase high-quality and low-quality Instagram followers. High-quality Instagram followers are typically a lot less expensive than low-quality ones.

Low-quality followers rarely have profile photos or any posted material. In other words, they’re fake accounts.

High-quality Instagram followers are actual people with profile photos and a few images posted on their profiles. In a nutshell, these are genuine individuals who use Instagram daily.

That is why you should acquire high-quality and genuine Instagram followers. They will become your fans and be able to interact with your content. They are, after all, actual people, so why would you want any bots on your Instagram profile?

If you Instagram followers from FollowerBase, you will receive only real people to your profile instead of bots or fake accounts. So you’ll be receiving the most efficient followers currently available on the market.

12. Are all Instagram followers have the Same Quality?

The answer is No. All Instagram followers are not the same. You can discover a variety of sites that provide Instagram followers, but the quality of each will be different. Some might give low-quality Instagram followers with no profile pictures and social activity. They appear to be bots or fake accounts and are cheaper than high-quality ones.

Real high-quality followers are very challenging to detect since they are genuine people with profile photos, uploaded posts, and regular social activity on their accounts. No one will be able to tell that you purchased them unless you inform others.

So, there’s a big difference in Instagram followers’ quality. Due to this, high-quality followers are generally more costly than others. We at FollowerBase only deliver real Instagram followers of the highest quality. So you can rest assured that by acquiring Instagram followers from us, you will receive only top-notch service.

13. Can I become an Influencer by ing Instagram Followers?

Have you ever considered whether purchasing Instagram followers might help you become an influencer? The answer is a big Yes! You can conveniently develop your presence on Instagram and become an influencer by using our services.

You can purchase one of our services to grow your Instagram followers. The rest is in your hands: you’ll need to post content regularly and make sure it’s high-quality and engaging to your target audience.

ing 100,000 Instagram followers is a good start for your influencer career. It is the milestone that companies look for when working with influencers. As a result, your main objective should be to get to 100K Instagram followers as quickly as possible.

After you’ve reached 100k+ followers, it’s time to start uploading content that would be appealing and engaging to your target audience regularly.

14. How many followers do you need to be an influencer on Instagram?

There is no specific number you must achieve to be called an Instagram influencer. Even with only 10,000 followers, some influencers are earning good money. However, companies frequently overlook accounts with less than 100k followers on their Instagram profiles. It indicates that they usually seek Instagram influencers who have over 100k followers.

From the 100k followers’ milestone, influencers begin to obtain genuine offers from huge businesses, resulting in greater earnings for the influencer.

So, if you don’t yet have 100k followers, don’t wait any longer and purchase Instagram followers right now. In no time, you’ll be able to reach the 100k follower mark, allowing you to receive higher-paying business opportunities from companies.

15. How much does an Instagram influencer with 100k followers make?

It is tough to answer, as many variables can affect how much an influencer with 100k followers can make. For example, followers’ location, niche, and the type of content they post can all play a role in how much they make.

Some brands may also be willing to pay more for placement on an influencer’s page than others. However, on average, an influencer with 100k followers can expect to make around $1,000-$2,000 per post.

Is it worth ing Instagram followers for your Instagram page? Yes, absolutely. Influencers can earn a very lucrative living. So you will make your money back in just a few days.

16. How can I grow my Instagram followers fast and organically?

To increase your Instagram following organically fast, you can do a few things to be successful.

  • First, post high-quality content that is interesting and engaging. It will help get people’s attention and make them want to follow you.

  • Second, be active on the platform and interact with other users. Leave comments, like posts, and follow other users who you think are interesting.

  • Finally, use hashtags to get your content seen by more people. Hashtags can help you reach a larger audience and get more followers.

  • When it comes to increasing your Instagram following, posting quality content develops the readers’ interest and engages your target audience. quality trumps quantity. If you do this, you’ll be well on your way to growing a large and loyal following.

In the end, it takes a long time and resources to create organic growth, and it may take years to achieve the desired result. So are you looking for a solution that works fast and right away? If yes, then ing Instagram followers is one of the best Instagram growth strategies that are still in use with many brands and influencers.

17. ing Instagram followers vs. organic growth on Instagram; which is better?

Organic Instagram growth is an excellent approach to growing your presence. However, if you’ve ever tried growing organically, you know it takes a lot of time and effort. You have to do content research, shoot photos, design editing and filters, create catchy descriptions, use correct hashtags and connect with other users.

Increasing Instagram followers organically requires too many resources. Still, it does not guarantee growth in results since it takes a long time. You’ll agree with us if you’ve ever attempted it before. Even if you do it for a year, you may not see any result or significant change in your growth.

On the other side, ing Instagram followers is a smooth and convenient task. You purchase Instagram followers that immediately get added to your Instagram profile. So you won’t have to wait a year, month, or even a week for them to appear. They usually arrive in only a few days.

It is not only affordable but also saves you a lot of time. So why start your Instagram journey from a few hundred followers when you can begin with a big established audience of 100k+ followers? Many people continue to Instagram followers and increase their following rapidly. All it takes is a small investment to get started.

18. How does having a presence on Instagram benefit my brand?

There are several ways in which presence on Instagram can benefit your brand.

  • First, it can help to increase brand awareness. When you post high-quality content that is interesting and engaging, people will note and start to follow you. As your following grows, so will your brand’s visibility.

  • Second, you can use Instagram to build relationships with your target audience. By interacting with other users and leaving comments, you can create a sense of community and connection with the people interested in what you do.

  • Third, Instagram can be a great way to drive traffic to your website or blog. By including links in your posts, you can direct people to your other online channels, where they can learn more about your brand.

  • Finally, Instagram can be a valuable tool for marketing and sales. By sharing special offers or coupons, you can encourage people to from you. You can also use Instagram to showcase your products and services in a way that is visually appealing and easy to consume.

So, as you can see, there are many benefits to having a presence on Instagram. If you’re not already promoting your brand on Instagram to gain more followers, now is the time to start!

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