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Why is a Facebook page important for my brand?

Unless you are someone living under a stone, you most certainly know the importance of Facebook for your business. 

Hard Fact: 93% of businesses have a presence on Facebook. 

But when it comes to Facebook presence, is an FB page really needed?

The answer is Yes!

A Facebook page is an excellent way for you to connect with current & future customers, promote events & discounts, post updates, and generally enhance your brand’s presence. What’s more, Facebook pages offer many additional capabilities and opportunities compared to a Facebook profile. 

Facebook pages essentially serve as a second storefront for your brand — where you can market your services/products and make more sales. 

Facebook page gives your brand the ease of attaining more followers with the added plus of having a direct “Call to Action” button. It also provides you with analytics and insights into what’s working for you and what’s not. 

In short, a Facebook page will increase your social visibility, customer reach & engagement as well as required insights — to ultimately up your sales. 

Will more likes on my FB page boost my brand?

There is no point in having a Facebook page and not enough likes. There are a ton of undeniable reasons for having more likes on your Facebook page. 

Imagine coming by a Facebook page of a brand with very few likes. What do we think or do? We think of the brand as a novice, with no experience or reviews to show up for its quality. We find the brand lacking “credibility & authenticity”. 

In addition to being a social proof of a brand’s reputation, more likes are essential for your visibility. Facebook’s algorithm automatically pushes pages & posts with more likes to the top. 

Having more likes while adding to your visibility also enhances your exposure and chances of gaining more through organic reach. 

The more your reach, the more your chances of making sales to people well out of your page’s circle.  

How to get more likes on my Facebook page?

Getting more likes on a Facebook page organically involves a lot of planning and work. It’s a highly time-consuming process. 

You will need to stay on top of the ongoing trends, have a strong understanding of social marketing, know your audience’s interest and time when they are active. That’s not all, you will need to post high-quality, engaging content with persistence and much more.

Even after putting in all your best efforts for months, you still might be unable to reach your target likes. 

Hence, there is a much easier and faster way as well. It is to purchase likes for your Facebook page from authentic service providers like Followersbase. This method is very easy and super fast. 

Can I buy Facebook fan page likes?

Yes, in today’s digital world you will find anything and everything for a price. 

There are numerous companies out there from whom you can buy Facebook page likes. But before choosing a service provider, you must do proper due diligence and go for a reliable source like Followersbase. 

How long does it take to get more likes on a FB page?

It all depends on how you plan on increasing your Facebook page likes. 

If you are doing so on your own and organically, it might take a long while. The organic process of increasing your page likes is very time-consuming. It might take up to a year or more before you see any meaningful results. 

On the other hand, if you buy the page likes, you will probably see results within a day or two. 

Is it safe to buy Facebook page likes?

If you are buying Facebook page likes from a legit source like Followersbase, then yes, it is totally safe. Reliable sources like Followersbase direct real people on Facebook towards your page — meaning 100% safety & security. 

However, if you end up buying likes from any random service provider without proper due diligence, you might be in for some trouble. An unverified source might provide you with likes from bots or fake accounts — which will cause a lot of harm. 

In addition to being unsafe, the likes from fake followers mean nothing for the good of your brand. They bring no engagement, visibility, or reach and chances are other organic users might be spooked after seeing the fake likes. 

Where can I get the best quality Facebook page likes?

You can get the highest quality of Facebook page likes from the most reliable website out there i.e. Followersbase. 

To ensure the quality of likes, Followersbase targets and drives real Facebook users to your page. They grow your likes organically by using legit marketing techniques with measurable results. 

Since the likes generated by Followersbase come from real users, there is the added chance of them further interacting with your brand. This adds to your engagement, reach, and credibility — and finally to your sales. 

What is the process of buying Facebook page likes?

Buying Facebook page likes is a very easy process. While it varies from company to company, the procedure generally is pretty straightforward. 

With reliable companies like Followersbase, the process of buying Facebook page likes involves very few easy steps. All you need to do is select your required package and specify your Facebook page URL. 

Followersbase will then grow your page likes through legitimate marketing techniques and deliver the results within the specified time. 

Will I get the purchased Facebook page likes instantly?

In most cases yes, you will get purchased Facebook page likes instantly, as compared to gaining them organically. 

Most companies promise to deliver within 24-72 hours, while some might take a bit longer. However, when it comes to Followersbase, be ready to get the results within just 3-8 hours. 

Are Facebook page likes cheap?

It all comes down to the quality and number of likes. You can get fake likes from bots and spam accounts for pennies. 

But if you are looking for high-quality likes from legit and reliable sources, you will have to spend a little more. You can buy 1000 high-quality likes for $29.99 from Followersbase with proof of its quality and authenticity. 

To sum it up, having more Facebook page likes is crucial for your brand’s image, visibility, and reach. However, if you find growing likes organically very tiresome, you can just buy likes for your Facebook page from legit sources like Followersbase. 

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