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  • Clients get 100K+ organic followers (100% Guarantee)
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Key Features

100% Safe

The Instagram accounts we provide are 100% safe as we generate a real following for it through marketing & promotion.

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Our Instagram accounts are of the finest quality as they have a real and active follower base — that is generated organically.


An already established and loyal following means more credibility and trust for your brand — through our Instagram account.

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You can start from zero by growing your Instagram account yourself, but it takes a lot of time. With us you don’t need to start from the bottom – you are ready to go with already established account!


Our account managers do it all for you! You will be surprised how easy and effective our service is! You just need to place your order, specify account’s niche and we will supply you with a grown Instagram account.


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Build Your Brand with a Legit Instagram Account

Why do I need an Instagram account for my brand?

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms, particularly for marketing your products or services. 

Hard Truths: While 90% of Instagram users follow a brand, 80% make a purchase decision based on the content they find on the app. 

Having an Instagram account not only increases your brand awareness but also helps build relationships, enhance visibility & exposure — and ultimately more sales & profits. Instagram can also help you build a loyal audience for your brand and grow it exponentially. 

Another Fact: 99.99% of Instagram users also have an account on another social media platform. 

This means having an Instagram account for your brand will not only boost your online presence on the app itself but also on other social platforms.

Can I buy an Instagram account?

Yes, Instagram accounts can be bought. Making your own account and then growing it organically takes a lot of time and energy — even money. However, you can fast-track your brand growth by buying an established account. 

Instead of starting from zero, you can buy an already established Instagram account with a loyal following. This will provide you with instant fame and success.

Where can I find an Instagram account for sale?

There are numerous service providers on the internet from which you can buy an Instagram account. In addition to companies, you might even find random account owners who are willing to sell their Instagram accounts. 

However, the best option is to buy the Instagram account from an authentic website like Followersbase — which provides proof of their valuable services.

Which is the best website to buy an Instagram account?

Followersbase is the best website to buy an Instagram account. This is not just an opinion but a proven fact. And the basis for this fact comes from numerous reasons:

  • Accounts provided by us are completely safe & secure.
  • We ensure the highest quality of its Instagram accounts through organic growth. 
  • The followers of each account are grown organically & hence, are real people. 
  • Our Instagram accounts come with social proof of credibility and trust. 
  • We provide the accounts in the shortest amount of time possible — just 3-8 hours.
  • Our packages are very cheap and range from 10,000 followers to 100k Instagram followers account
  • Client happiness & satisfaction are our top priority & hence we always go the extra mile. 
  • Our order process is super easy and effective. 
  • We have served 22,769 users and grown 25,567 accounts since 2016.

How to buy an Instagram account?

Buying an Instagram account is not that hard at all. All you have to do is go to a trusted service provider like Followersbase and select your desired package and niche. 

You will then receive your Instagram account login details within the specified time frame. You can then change the account’s username, password, and other details.

And that easily you can enjoy the perks of having an already established account with a loyal following to boost your brand.

Why should I buy a legit Instagram account?

Now, this is very important. Before buying an Instagram account, you need to make sure its followers are real people.

If you end up buying an Instagram account with inactive or fake users, this will do nothing for your brand. They won’t help you with increasing the exposure or visibility of your brand. In reality, this could even harm your metrics and lower your engagement. 

However, if you buy a legit account with a real following from a reliable source like Followersbase, you are in for huge gains. Since the followers would be real people, they may engage with your account, like your posts, and even purchase your products/services.

Is buying an Instagram account cheap?

Buying an established Instagram account is not necessarily very cheap. Given that you get an already grown account with a loyal following, it comes at a price. 

However, the number of followers you want with the account does impact the price of the account. The higher the number of followers, the more its price.

Authentic sources like Followersbase provide a legit Instagram account with 10,000 active followers for just $89.99.

How long does it take to buy an active Instagram account?

Usually, companies ask for 24-72 hours before delivering the required number of followers with the Instagram account your want to purchase. 

Once again, the number of followers with the account determines the amount of time needed to process it. 

Followersbase being the fastest makes its deliveries between just 3-8 hours.

All in all, having an Instagram account with a good number of followers is essential to your brand’s success. Since starting from zero and growing your account organically is very time-consuming and difficult, the better option is to buy an already established account from a trustworthy source like Followersbase. 

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