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Key Features

100% Safe

To ensure your safety, we provide comments from actual people on Instagram that are organic and real.

Highest Quality

Our comments services are of the highest quality due to the fact that we market your post to a real audience on Instagram.


Comments from actual people result in a higher reach of your post and hence, enhanced credibility.

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Wider reach and visibility mean added organic growth and fast-track engagement not just for your post but your profile as well.

Fast Delivery

We deliver results in the shortest amount of time just under 3-8 hours — and never a second late.


We love to do more than ordered and expected by our clients. You will probably get more than your ordered comments.

Why to choose us?


Plenty of other companies offer fake comments which look like spammy comments and are easy to identify. With us you will generate real and high quality Instagram comments!


Our account managers do it all for you! You will be surprised how easy and effective our Instagram comments service is! We will do all the work for you – you just need to specify your Instagram post link (URL). Password is not needed.


FollowersBase helps you organically grow your Instagram post comments through legitimate marketing techniques. We drive real targeted Instagram users to your posts, the users are real and actually interested in your posts!

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Build Your Exposure with Real Instagram Comments & Custom Replies

What’s the importance of Instagram comments?

With the rise of scamming in online shopping, people like to take the side of caution nowadays. Whenever a person comes by a business profile or brand on Instagram, they do their own due diligence to make sure the brand is reliable. They research the number of followers, comments, views, and other aspects of the profile to ensure its credibility. 

Hence, when it comes to the reputation of a brand, the number of followers isn’t the only thing that matters. Comments play an even larger role as they let the audience know that the brand has a solid and active follower base — and not fake bots. This automatically builds trust for the brand in the minds of the audience. 

More comments also give you the chance to interact with your present and future customers. People love cooperative and responsive brands who listen to their concerns and deal with their problems right away — customer satisfaction. 

Note: “Customer satisfaction is the single most important determinant of customer loyalty.”

In addition to being a marker of credibility and reputation, comments also boost your brand’s engagement rate — and hence it’s ranking. And a higher ranking means wider visibility and reach.

 More comments are also a sign of popularity and people like leaning in on all things popular — in order to keep up with the latest trends. 

Will having more comments on Instagram boost my brand’s visibility?

Yes, more comments are a great source of increasing your brand’s visibility. 

Note: Comments are one of the easiest ways to please Instagram’s algorithm.

The Instagram algorithm ranks posts with the most engagement in the form of views and comments, at the top of its audience’s newsfeed. Higher engagement and ranking also mean a greater chance of having the post on the Explore page. 

Fact: The number of comments, shares, and likes on a post plays a key role in landing it on the Explore page

All this increases the visibility of your post and ultimately the visibility of your brand. The more people see your post, the more exposure your brand receives — this also adds more to your brand’s organic growth.

Increased exposure of your brand to potential customers means more sales of your products and services — and thus, more profit!

How can I get more comments on Instagram?

Getting more comments on Instagram requires a great deal of effort. You will need to:

  • Craft well-thought and innovative posts.
  • Involve visuals like pictures or videos. 
  • Make them funny, surprising, or very interesting. 
  • Research and use the right kind of hashtags.
  • Write trendy and catchy captions.
  • Post consistently as well as at the right time. 
  • Host giveaways, contests, polls, and much more.

Despite your best efforts, you still might end up getting less than your desired number of comments. And this brings us to the second and easier way of getting more comments on Instagram: “Buying them.”

To skip all the hassle, the alternative is to buy Instagram comments and get a boost instantly.

How can I buy Instagram comments?

The process of buying Instagram comments is pretty straight forward.  

All you have to do is find a legit source like Followersbase, provide the URL to the post you need comments for, choose the package i.e. number of comments & price, and voilà.

However, be wary of websites that require your password. Authentic sources like Followersbase never ask for your password but only the link to your posts and your username in some cases. 

Is it necessary to buy real & active Instagram comments?

Yes, it is essential that the comments your buy come from real and active Instagram users and not from fake accounts or bots. 

If you get comments from fake users or bots, this could potentially hurt your progress and in some cases even lead to the deactivation or banning of your account. Moreover, comments from fake profiles are easily identifiable as well. 

On the other hand, legit comments from real Instagram users will boost your engagement and thus your brand visibility and exposure. It will also help you land new followers and expand your presence.

Where can I buy real comments for Instagram?

There are a ton of Instagram service providers out there. But to get legit comments for Instagram you will need to thoroughly vet different sources. 

Your best bet at getting real Instagram comments is to go for authentic websites like Followersbase — which gives proof of its value services through numerous reviews from its clients. 

Is buying Instagram comments safe or harmful?

Buying Instagram comments is completely safe as long as you buy them from a reliable source like Followersbase. 

The comments provided by such trustworthy sources are very real and come from actual Instagram users. They market your post to a targeted and real audience on Instagram to get you the desired number of comments. 

Reliable sources like Followersbase value their client’s privacy and safety and always provide quality services.

In case you are ing Instagram comments from another service provider, then you should make sure whether they will be genuine or not. Some providers supply comments from fake users that you don’t want to appear on your posts.

What is the price of buying Instagram comments?

The price of Instagram comments varies from company to company and package to package. The higher the quality and number of comments, the higher the price. 

Generally speaking, depending on the number of comments, you might have to pay as less as $2.99 or as much as $299.99. 

At Followersbase you can get 10 high-quality comments for $14.99 with a 100% authenticity guarantee and 24/7 support. 

How long will it take to get purchased Instagram comments?

While buying Instagram comments is a pretty fast-paced process as compared to the alternative, it may take up to 48 hours before you get the results. Some might even take longer. 

However, being the fastest of all, Followersbase promises results in just 3-8 hours. 

To sum up, having more comments on your Instagram post is essential for your brand’s success. While it is a means of highlighting your credibility and trustworthiness, it also helps you grow and expand your brand — through higher visibility & wider reach. Since generating enough comments on your own is very time-consuming and tiresome, a better and easy option is to buy them from reliable sources like Followersbase.

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