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To ensure your safety we provide real and organic followers for your profile instead of bots and inactive followers.

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Seeing real followers interact with your profile promotes and speeds up organic growth for your brand’s success.

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Buy Real Instagram Followers & Boost Your Game Instantly

Why get followers for Instagram?

The question here shouldn’t be “why” but “why not”. We live in a world that is becoming increasingly dependent on all things digital. Social media has become the crown jewel of marketing. It is only appropriate to build a follower base for your brand on a leading digital platform like Instagram. 

Instagram can be a highly targetable and visual marketing channel. From raising brand awareness to building relationships and making more sales, you can do it all on this platform. If utilized properly, Instagram can help you build a loyal audience and a community that grows your business. 

Hard facts: Instagram is home to some exceedingly engaged audiences around the world. More than 500 million users browse the app every day while nearly 90% of its 2 billion monthly active users follow a business account. 

So, then again, why not!

Do I really need to get more Instagram followers?

It all comes down to why you want Instagram followers?  Whatever the reason, having more followers means more credibility and authenticity. 

The same goes for your business account, the more followers, the better your chance of getting into the spotlight. After all, the whole premise of marketing is higher numbers. The more people know about you, the more you can engage and ultimately convert. 

Think! Whenever we stumble upon a new account on Instagram, what is it that we do first? We check out their number of followers! Why? Because that is how we judge the credibility and reputation of an account. No one blindly follows an account that has just a few followers. People like to follow the crowd.

So, yes, you most certainly need more Instagram followers in order to succeed. 

Are instant Instagram followers real or fake?

Now that is a question with a double yes. Yes, and yes, Instagram followers can be both. The key is knowing the difference between a real follower and a bot in disguise. 

If an Instagram follower has a profile picture and multiple posts spanning out over time, they are most likely to be the real deal. On the other hand, the ones with very few posts or tons of posts within a very short duration could be bots. Content authenticity or originality is another way of differentiating. 

There’s even a third type of Instagram followers – the dreaded inactive ones!!

Quick tip: There are numerous free tools to help you identify fake Instagram followers. 

Is it important to get real Instagram followers?

It is of utmost importance to get real Instagram followers. There is no value in mere numbers. Having a huge follower base comprised mostly of bots and inactive accounts is useless. And with a little concentration, anyone can point out the fake followers. 

On the other hand, real Instagram followers mean real value. They would not only interact with your profile and posts but also promote your brand. It is the real followers that would ultimately help you achieve your targets and goals. 

Moreover, seeing actual followers interact and comment on your posts is also a way of inviting other real followers to your account. And Instagram’s algorithm is largely tied to engagement rather than blank followers. 

Pro Tip: Having fake or inactive followers will only mess up your Instagram account’s engagement rate — which is one of the most important metrics on the platform. 

Can I buy real and active Instagram followers?

Of course, you can! You can most certainly buy real and active Instagram followers to up your game.  

Real or fake, everything is up for sale in the market! Whether you want bots or legit followers who would engage with your profile. However, going to credible sources like FollowersBase will ensure that you get real and active Instagram followers.

Where to buy real followers on Instagram?

There are a ton of marketing firms and platforms out there that can help you buy real followers on Instagram. Sites like FollowersBase offer various packages for buying Instagram followers with a guarantee of their authenticity. 

In addition to marketing firms, you can also gain real followers by direct collaboration with Instagram influencers or celebs. But, in such collaborations, there would probably be no guarantee of the number of followers you would get. 

Will buying followers give my Instagram a boost?

Influencers and businesses around the world often buy followers to boost their credibility. As mentioned above, real and more followers on Instagram are a means of evaluating an account. 

Buying more followers will most certainly give the much-needed boost to your Instagram account and push it into the spotlight. Having more followers will enhance your status and increase your trustworthiness. 

These are the hallmarks of a brand’s reputation. 

Is buying followers on Instagram cheap?

When buying Instagram followers, it all comes down to how many you want to purchase. The cost can vary from just a few dollars to thousands. 

Some service providers like FollowersBase start from around $14.99 for 1,000 followers, while others charge up to $40 for the same. There are some who charge as much as $90 for the same deal. 

Followersbase offers its most popular package where you can buy 5000 Instagram followers for just $35.99. 

How to buy cheap followers on Instagram?

Well, if you want a super cheap package for Instagram followers, chances are you’ll end up with bots or inactive accounts. 

Another way of getting cheap Instagram followers is opting for a small quantity. The lesser the number of followers, the smaller the price. You could probably get 100 high-quality followers for $3 or a bit less. 

We cannot guarantee engagement as it mainly depends on your content strategy. It all depends on the quality of content you are uploading on Instagram. If you share posts and photos consistently and your content seems appealing to your followers, they will engage with your content.

Is buying real followers on Instagram worth it?

From all we have discussed so far, having more and real followers on Instagram is essential to your success. Now the question is whether buying them instead of organic growth is worth it or not. 

Growing followers organically is a painful and time-consuming process. It is all grunt work. You would have to put in hours and hours of hard work for months before seeing any increase in your follower base. Despite your efforts, it could take up to a year to achieve your first 10,000 followers. 

However, buying followers on Instagram will give you the numbers instantly – which are needed for building your brand and tapping into new audiences. Instagram campaigns are all about the number of real followers you have. And buying them is the easiest way for your business to gain traction. 

How long does an Instagram followers order take to complete?

In most cases, an Instagram followers order takes little to no time compared to the organic growth process. Generally, companies promise 24-72 hours for new followers, whereas FollowersBase has an average order-fulfilment time of 3 hours. In some cases, it might take up to 8 hours but most of the orders are fulfilled within 3 hours.

All in all, getting real and active Instagram followers is crucial for your brand’s success. It is the only way to ensure your credibility and hence business growth. Since amassing a legit following organically is a tumulus task, there is always the option of buying real Instagram followers from reliable sources like Followersbase.

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