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We provide 100% safe LinkedIn followers who are actual and active users on the platform.

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Get Real & Active LinkedIn Followers, Fast & Safe

Why more LinkedIn followers are important?

While some might still consider LinkedIn as a job board, it is much more than just that. It is a professional network for communication, networking, and business growth, as well as a place where people educate themselves and learn about other companies. It is a place where companies & people showcase their expertise, knowledge, and reputation, declare their value & depict their skills.

Having a good number of followers on LinkedIn is thus very crucial in this age of social media and digital marketing. More followers here like any other social platform are representative of your credibility, reputation, and trustworthiness. However, LinkedIn brings the added plus of highly professional users.

Note: LinkedIn has members from over 200 countries throughout the world.

Hence, higher reach results in a tap into a global audience from across the globe — leading to globally spread potential customers, empowering your reach!

Fact: LinkedIn exposure gives brands up to a 33% increase in purchase intent while marketers received up to 2x higher conversion rate on the platform.

Meaning, a good LinkedIn presence with more followers not only increases your website traffic but also your conversion rate — more customers and more sales. 

Tip: A good number of followers create a snowball effect, attracting more and more followers after itself.

How can I get more followers on LinkedIn?

Getting more followers organically is a tedious process involving many steps. From setting a star profile/page to being consistent, relevant, engaging, and responsive, from joining conversations that matter to knowing your audience, from importing your email list to cross-promotion and complete marketing/advertising strategy, and more.

Even after months of struggle, there’s much chance of not getting enough followers still. Thus, there’s an easy and better way: Buying LinkedIn Followers.

Can I buy LinkedIn followers?

Yes, as mentioned, a better, easy, faster, and comparatively cheap method of increasing your LinkedIn followers is purchasing them — from reliable service providers like FollowersBase.

Is it safe to buy LinkedIn followers?

The safety and value of buying LinkedIn followers are in the authenticity of the followers that are purchased. 

Inactive or fake followers are unsafe as this could get your account banned. On the other hand, followers that are real & active are completely safe and unrecognizable as purchased.

Where can I purchase real and active LinkedIn followers?

You can purchase real and active LinkedIn followers from legit websites like FollowersBase. We target and drive real LinkedIn users to your profile/page who are actually interested in your brand. 

Moreover, we provide a 100% guarantee of the quality of our services, ensure client safety & security, 24/7 customer support, a lifetime of free refills, the fastest delivery time, and a bonus in form of extra followers. Cherry on top, our order process is super easy.

Can I grow LinkedIn followers instantly by buying them?

Yes, buying LinkedIn followers will boost your presence instantly as purchased followers are mostly delivered within 24 hours or a few days at the most.

If you want an even shorter turnaround time, FollowersBase delivers results within just 3-8 hours.

Are LinkedIn followers cheap?

When it comes to LinkedIn followers, quality should be the top priority. While you can buy really cheap followers for just a few bucks, it’s recommended to avoid cheap followers. Cheap followers are likely to be fake and inactive which could harm your image and get your account banned.

At FollowersBase you can get 500 high-quality and real LinkedIn followers for $29.99 and 5000 for Just $229.99.

” To sum it up, having more LinkedIn followers is of utmost importance for your brand’s image, credibility, and success. Since generating enough followers organically is a very tiresome process, the easy way out is to buy them from reliable sources like FollowersBase — and accelerate your brand growth! “

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