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Plenty of other companies offer followers from inactive Snapchat users. With us you will get real Snapchat followers, so they actually engage and are interested in what you are doing!


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FollowersBase helps you to organically grow your Snapchat profile followers through legitimate marketing techniques. With our targeting technique we drive real targeted followers to your Snapchat profile, so they are actually engaged and interested in your content!

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The ultimate guide to Snapchat followers

1. Why people Snapchat followers?

You may be wondering why people Snapchat followers for their profiles. Well, the answer is really simple – they want to become more famous and well-known.

The amount of followers or friends you have on your Snapchat profile says a lot about you and your personality. The more followers and friends you have, the more popular you are on Snapchat. That’s just how it works.

That’s the main reason why people are still ing followers for their Snapchat profiles. Who doesn’t want to become famous, right? That’s why we are having clients who Snapchat followers daily and are growing on Snapchat tremendously fast and easy. All they need to do is place their order.

While on the other hand, organic growth would be a lot slower and would require a lot of resources and time.

2. Should you choose FollowersBase for ing Snapchat followers?

You can find many providers from whom you may Snapchat followers for your Snapchat profile. However, not all of them are legit. Some of them may provide low quality followers and friends to your profile while others may not even deliver anything and just run with your money.

That’s why you need to work with legit service provider with huge reputation. FollowersBase is providing Snapchat followers since 2017. Within all these years we gathered a lot of experience, that’s why we offer only the highest quality followers for our clients. All the followers and friends we gather to your profile will be real and active Snapchat users.

What could be better or higher quality than getting real Snapchat followers, right? That’s why people choose our service and we are still the leading Snapchat followers provider till this day.

3. Is it safe to Snapchat followers?

As you probably already guessed it is absolutely safe to Instagram video views from us, as we gather only real users to watch your Instagram videos. This doesn’t violate Instagram’s Terms of Service so you shouldn’t be worried about your Instagram profile’s health.

We provide these services since 2017 and since then we haven’t heard a bad review about these services, all customers are happy with their purchase till now. None of them had any problems with their Instagram profile.

So, you don’t need to worry about this at all because we wouldn’t be providing these services if there would be any possible harm to your Instagram account.

4. Can I Snapchat followers & become famous?

That’s right! That’s why a lot of people are coming to us and ing Snapchat followers for their profile. The more friends and followers they have, the more popular they become.

If you Snapchat followers, you are not only getting more friends and followers, but you are getting more exposure and reach to your profile because Snapchat starts suggesting your profile to more users. This happens because it sees that you are getting a lot of followers so your profile may be interesting to more users.

ing Snapchat followers is one of the best ways to become famous. If you would do it organically, then it could take you a few years just to get to a few thousand followers. If you have tried doing that earlier, then you will know what we are talking about. So, if you want to become famous, just some Snapchat followers and become famous instantly!

5. What are the benefits if you decide to Snapchat followers?

There are many benefits you get when you Snapchat followers or friends to your Snapchat profile.

First of all, you will get more exposure to your content. That’s right, you are not only increasing the amount of followers, but also you will have more friends and this means more exposure to your snaps.

Secondly, you will be more popular. People with a lot of followers and friends are more popular than others. People are attracted to famous people, so you will start receiving many more friend requests organically after your order is processed.

6. How does ing Snapchat followers work?

ing Snapchat followers and friends has never been easier. All you need to do is to decide how many followers you want to . After that place your order on our website and specify your Snapchat profile username.

We will start working on your order and it should be processed within 24 hours. If you have ordered large amount of followers, then your order may take 48 hours to process as it all depends on the quantity.

You will be able to use your Snapchat profile as you used to while we are working on it. We will not need to login to your profile, so it will be safe while we are working on it.

7. Will these Snapchat followers interact with my content?

Definitely, they will. You see, we gather only real followers and friends to your Snapchat profile, so the friend requests you receive are from real people. It means that they will be active users and will even send you their snaps and engage with yours.

This is because we provide only the highest quality Snapchat followers. On the other hand, if you purchase some low quality Snapchat followers, then you will not get any engagement as the traffic that comes to your profile is simply bots or inactive users.

So, you should always go with a legit service provider as FollowersBase to make sure that you are getting real Snapchat followers.

8. Will purchased Snapchat followers drop?

The followers we provide to your Snapchat profile are real users, this means that they will never drop from your Snapchat profile. There is no reason for them to drop as these are active users so they cannot be simply removed from your profile as with low quality followers.

This means that our followers are non-drop and will stay on your Snapchat profile forever. We even guarantee free lifetime refills in case any of the followers drop from your Snapchat profile.

9. What are high quality, organic & real Snapchat followers?

This is a really good question as there are many qualities of various Snapchat followers out there. High quality Snapchat followers are the ones that are organic or real.

Real Snapchat followers are the ones that are controlled by real people and not bots. You should always make sure that you are getting real followers on your Snapchat profile if you want your audience to be engaged with your content.

Organic followers are the ones that came to visit your profile organically.

10. Why are high quality Snapchat followers important?

As stated earlier, you must make sure that you are getting only high quality Snapchat followers. This is because these followers are real and they can engage with your content. If you low quality Snapchat followers, then they will not engage nor interact with your snaps, which means that they are fake followers.

And you don’t need those, you must ensure that these are only real people following your Snapchat profile in order to keep growing further.

11. Are all Snapchat followers the same?

Definitely not, as you may have guessed from the answers above, there are many different qualities of Snapchat followers that you can on the market right now.

You can low quality and high quality followers, real or bot-like followers and so on.

What you need to concentrate on is to Snapchat followers that are high quality and real. These followers will be active community members and interact with your content.

12. Can you become an influencer by ing Snapchat followers?

Yes, you can become Snapchat influencer as long as you real Snapchat followers and not the low quality ones. Always check what you are purchasing before placing your order as some providers may supply you with inactive and low quality followers.

Purchased Snapchat followers are the same quality as organic ones as long as you the highest quality followers. There is no way to differentiate these followers one from another, so nobody will be able to tell if you bought your followers or not.

13. How many Snapchat followers do you need to become influencer on Snapchat?

That’s a really good question. You can start earning money on Snapchat with a couple thousand followers and this would technically make you Snapchat influencer.

However, to be really treated ass a full-time Snapchat influencer and get brand deals from big brands on a regular basis, you should strive to get to 100k followers. 100k Snapchat followers is the milestone everyone is looking for. Many influencers noticed sharp increase in revenue when they reached 100k followers.

14. How much Snapchat influencers with 100k+ followers make per year?

This really depends on your niche. As if you run personal page and just show your day-to-day life, then your earnings may be lower of someone’s who is professional in financial markets and his audience is interested in investing, cryptocurrency, etc.

However, on average Snapchat user with 100k followers should be making around 100k USD per year. This includes all the earnings from sponsored content, affiliate links, etc.

15. How to increase Snapchat followers organically?

I think everybody has already tried organic growth and it was not successful or the results were not that great as expected. However, if you still want to try this one more time again, then check out these tips.

Firstly, post consistently. Always keep a schedule and post snaps daily.

Secondly, make sure that your snaps are interesting to other users and not just you. Always try to get ahead with your content as content is king and it can make or break your social media growth strategy.

What are you waiting for?