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Plenty of other companies offer likes which don’t really interact with your videos at all. With us you will generate organic TikTok likes who actually engage and are interested in your videos!


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FollowersBase helps you to organically grow TikTok likes through legitimate marketing techniques. With our targeting we drive real targeted TikTok users to your videos, which are genuinely interested in your content!

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The ultimate guide to TikTok likes

1. Why people TikTok likes?

As you already know TikTok profile followers, views and even likes are displayed publicly. It means that everyone can see how many views or likes your videos receive.

Likes are one of the social validators of your content. The more likes you get on your TikTok videos, the more popular you are on TikTok. That’s why people choose to TikTok likes for their videos.

By ing likes their videos instantly become popular and other people are watching them more because of the increased engagement. You see, when the engagement on your video increases, TikTok algorithm instantly ranks your videos higher and displays them to many more people than earlier. It is happening because algorithm thinks that your video is very attractive to a lot of users so it shows it to more people as they might be interested in it too.

In other words, ing TikTok likes not only increase the engagement rate, but your videos additionally get more organic growth because of the higher amount of likes. So, this helps to grow your videos and profile in general.

2. Should you choose FollowersBase for ing TikTok likes?

You can find a lot of websites that sell TikTok likes for your videos. However, how do you know which ones are legit and provide quality services and which don’t?

There are a lot of providers which gathers only fake likes to your videos. By fake we mean the likes generated from bot or inactive TikTok users. You don’t want such likes to appear on your videos as these users are not really interested in your content.

On the other hand, here at FollowersBase we offer only the highest quality TikTok likes. By ing TikTok likes from us, you don’t need to worry about the quality of likes you are getting on your videos, as we deliver only likes from real TikTok users. This is the highest quality you can get, what can be better than a real like from a real person, right?

If you still decide to go with other provider, at least do your research and find out if they won’t run with your money and deliver real likes.

3. Is it safe to TikTok likes?

We deliver TikTok likes since 2017 and are still successfully doing so till this day. All of our customers were happy with their purchases and are still coming back to us every day to more TikTok likes.

None of our customers have ever had any issues or problems with their TikTok videos or profiles after they bought our services. This is because we deliver only likes from real TikTok users, which is allowed on TikTok. Real growth and promotion is not against TikTok’s Terms of Service.

However, if you purchase TikTok likes from some other provider who delivers not the highest quality services, then you should think twice about using such services as your videos may get in trouble. You need to make sure that you are getting real TikTok likes on your videos.

4. Can I TikTok likes & make myself or my brand famous?

You can surely do! Our customers are getting more famous every day! By ing TikTok likes your videos will get more engagement which will trigger other users to watch and like your videos even more. That’s the psychological effect on human mind, it is attracted to winners. The more views or likes your videos get, the more people are inclined to watch and like your videos – that’s just how human mind works.

Additionally, TikTok’s algorithm is triggered by increased engagement on your video and it starts showing your videos to even more people. That’s how you get extra organic growth afterwards.

All in all, ing TikTok likes is a great way to boost your growth on TikTok. Why would you try to grow organically while you can get everything in just a few days? Of course, it requires a little investment of money, however, it is definitely worth it as you save a lot of your precious time growing your profile as we do it all for you!

5. What are the benefits if you decide to TikTok likes?

That’s a really good question as you do not only increase your TikTok video likes but get other benefits too. Here are a few of them.

Firstly, by ing TikTok likes you get more exposure on your TikTok videos. More exposure means you become more popular as your videos reach more people. If you upload quality content, then they may not only like your videos but follow your profile and become your fans.

Secondly, bigger amount of likes makes you credible and trustworthy creator. People always look at the amount of likes your videos are getting, and when they see that you get a lot of likes it makes you more popular and interesting.

6. How does ing TikTok likes work?

If you want to TikTok likes for your videos, then you shouldn’t hesitate any longer as this process is very simple. All you need to do is to go to our website and place your order.

Firstly, choose your package, add it to cart and specify your TikTok video link.

Secondly, all we need is the link to your video, we do not need any login details as we do all the promotion externally. It means that your profile will be safe and secure while we are working on your videos.

Thirdly, just relax and let us grow your video. Orders are usually processed within 24 – 48 hours, so just sit back and wait for likes to come. You don’t need to do anything else. It is really as easy as that!

7. Will these TikTok users interact with my content?

Yes, these TikTok users may interact with your TikTok videos. You see, when you TikTok likes from us, we promote your videos only to real users. Real TikTok users may engage (and most definitely will) if you upload quality content.

So, it all depends on the quality of your TikTok videos. You will still get the ordered likes, but whether they will become your followers or comment under your videos will depend mainly from you.

However, purchase TikTok likes will be the same as the organic ones, so there is no difference in that. Most of our clients get not just likes but comments and follows too.

8. Will purchased TikTok likes drop?

We at FollowersBase strive to provide only the highest quality services. That’s why we offer only non-drop TikTok likes for our clients. We promote your TikTok videos only to real users, that why their likes cannot simply drop-off without a notice.

By ing TikTok likes from us, you are sure that you will get the highest quality likes which will stay on your videos forever. By the way, we even guarantee free lifetime refills in case any of the likes drop-off after a while. That’s why you can trust us to provide you with these services.

If you likes from some other source, then you should do your research and make sure that they will not drop after your order is completed. As some sellers may provide you with low quality likes which may disappear even after a few days.

9. What are high quality, organic & real TikTok likes?

There are many different qualities of TikTok likes that you can . You can low quality or high quality ones.

High quality TikTok likes are the ones that are made by real TikTok users or were gathered organically.

Organic TikTok likes are those likes that were gathered without any additional promotion or advertisements. This means that people saw your video and instantly clicked on “like” button.

Real TikTok likes basically means that like came from a real person and not a bot. Real person is the one that use TikTok on a daily basis, has a profile picture, etc. Bot accounts are the ones that were created just to like a video for someone.

10. Why are high quality TikTok likes important?

High quality TikTok likes are very important to your videos. You see, it is snot the count of likes that matters, but the overall quality of user profiles that like your videos.

People can click on your like count and see who likes your videos. If they are just some bots, then it would be easy to spot.

We at FollowersBase provide only the highest quality TikTok likes for your videos. It means that when you TikTok likes from us, you will receive only real likes from real users on your TikTok videos. They will be the same as organic likes, there will be no difference between them.

11. Are all TikTok likes the same?

No, not all TikTok likes the same. They can be separated by their quality. For example, some likes may look spammy (which are gathered from bot accounts). And some may come from real TikTok users.

Likes coming from real TikTok users are considered high quality TikTok likes. We provide only these likes, they are a little more expensive than bot likes, however, you get what you pay for as you get real likes which nobody will be able to tell that they have been purchased.

12. Can you become an influencer by ing TikTok likes?

Yes, you can definitely become a TikTok influencer simply by ing likes on your TikTok videos. You see, when brands are searching for influencer to collaborate with, they are always looking for someone with big amount of followers and good engagement. Good engagement means that your TikTok videos get likes, comments and views.

Purchased likes are the same likes you get organically, there is no way to differentiate them so no one will know that they have been purchased. This helps a lot when you just starting as an influencer.

13. How many TikTok likes do you need to become influencer on TikTok?

This is a really hard question as the main thing brands and companies concentrate on is TikTok followers count. However, every brand will check how many likes your videos get to make sure that your followers are real and engaged with your content.

To answer your question, it mainly depends on your followers count. If you have 10000 followers on your TikTok profile, then you should be getting at least 500 likes per video. So, if you are an established TikTok influencer with 100k followers, then you should aim for 5000 likes per TikTok video.

14. How much TikTok influencers with a lot of video likes make per year?

There are many influencers son TikTok who make a living just by posting TikTok videos. They generate revenue from product or service sales and brand deals/collaborations.

However, their earnings vary a lot. It mainly depends on the niche that TikTok influencer is in. For example, someone posting investing tips videos will earn much more compared to someone who posts dance videos.

That’s because the first person will get more brand deals from investing or other financial sector companies. So, this will lead to even more earnings.

15. How to increase TikTok likes organically?

This is a great question as you can grow your TikTok likes organically for free too. Only one con is that it requires a lot of time and resources, however, it is completely free. So, if you are out of budget, then here are a few tips for you.

Firstly, consistency is king. Keep on posting TikTok videos on a schedule and keep it consistent. Your audience should always know when the next video will be uploaded. Try to keep it simple and post 2 or 3 videos a week.

Secondly, always make sure that content quality is top-notch. Video quality means a lot, also don’t forget about audio quality too.

Thirdly, engage with your audience. Always reply to comments and like their videos too, this will instantly increase the engagement on your videos.

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