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Our Twitter comments are generated from active and real users to ensure 100% safety.

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We provide the highest quality of Twitter comments by targeting & driving actual users toward your content.


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Plenty of other companies offer low quality comments from inactive Twitter users. With us you will get real Twitter comments from real users who actually engage and are interested in your content!


Our account managers do it all for you! You will be surprised how easy and effective our Twitter comments service is! We will do all the work for you – you just need to specify your Twitter tweet link (no passwords).


FollowersBase helps you to organically grow Twitter tweet comments through legitimate marketing techniques. With our targeting we drive real targeted Twitter users to your tweets, so people commenting are engaged and interested in your posts!

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Accelerate Your Engagement with Genuine Twitter Comments

Why Twitter comments are important?

“Twitter is the number one platform for brand interaction!”

And what better way to interact than comments?

Twitter comments are a source of engagement and visibility. A higher engagement propels a positive brand image — credibility! On the other hand, higher visibility means a tap into a wider audience. Combine these two and you get new customers & sales!

Comments also give you the opportunity of driving great customer service through interacting with them further — customer retention. Great customer service speaks volumes about your brand’s image and loyalty potential.

Note: 89% of customers return for another purchase after a positive customer experience, while 55% refer their good experience on social platforms

How can I get more comments on Twitter?

Getting more comments on Twitter is a hectic and time-consuming process that involves: creating attention-grabbing content with visuals, implementing hashtag strategies, adding call-to-actions, hosting competitions, giveaways, and contests, posting religiously at the right times, and much more. 

However, the better, faster, easier, and more beneficial method for increasing Twitter comments is buying them from reliable vendors. 

What is the process of buying Twitter comments?

The process of buying Twitter comments is very easy at legit websites like FollowersBase. All that is required is a link to the Twitter post/tweet, make the payment and then sit back and enjoy the results. 

Be wary of sites asking for sensitive details like passwords!

Can I buy real Twitter comments?

Yes, you can buy real Twitter comments by choosing a reliable service provider. 

Unknown service providers source Twitter comments from fake accounts or bots which appear spammy or meaningless — doing nothing for your brand growth.

While, legit websites like FollowersBase target actual and active users for generating comments — which are real & genuine.

Will buying Twitter comments from real users boost my brand?

Buying real Twitter comments is the fastest and easiest way to boost your brand. Such comments are collected from active & real users on the platform — who are actually interested in your brand. 

Thus, real comments lead to increased engagement, higher reach as well as a positive image & credibility. This in turn will speed up your brand’s organic growth in the form of new followers — potential customers resulting in more orders & sales. 

How to buy instant Twitter comments?

You can buy instant Twitter comments by choosing a service provider with the minimum turnaround time.  While some providers deliver within 24 hours, there are others that take up to 2 days or more. 

But for the fastest delivery, you can purchase from FollowersBase, where you will receive your ordered comments within just 3-8 hours. 

Is it possible to buy custom Twitter comments?

Yes, buying custom Twitter comments is also very much possible. Websites like FollowerBase pique the interest of actual platform users regarding your post/profile which leads to high-quality custom comments. Such comments are impossible to identify as purchased as they show relevance.

How much does buying Twitter comments cost?

The price of Twitter comments depends on the number and quality of the comments as well as the authenticity of the service provider. 

It’s better to invest a few more dollars than buy comments that are fake and of low quality. At FollowersBase you can get 20 high-quality comments for just $14.99 with 24/7 customer support.

Where can I buy the best quality Twitter comments?

FollowersBase is the ultimate best website to buy the highest quality Twitter comments. We market your tweet/profile to an actual audience on Twitter. This way the comments are generated from real users with a genuine interest in your brand. 

These comments speak relevance and openly promote your brand as credible and respected. In addition to this, our services come with proof of quality and are 100% safe.

All in all, Twitter comments are essential for your brand’s image, engagement, reach & overall success. But instead of spending time and energy on organic means that bear no fruit, the best way is to buy comments from authentic websites like FollowersBase — and enjoy massive reach!

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