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Key Features

100% Safe

Our retweets are completely safe as they come from real & active Twitter users — not from inactive accounts or bots.

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To ensure the quality of retweets, we promote your tweet to actual users on the platform through targeted marketing techniques.


Our quality retweets boost your brand engagement to ultimately increase your online credibility.

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The resulting high engagement & reach from our retweets adds to your brand’s organic growth for instant success.

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Plenty of other companies offer retweets from inactive Twitter profiles. With us you will get post retweets from real Twitter users who actually engage and are interested in your content!


Our account managers do it all for you! You will be surprised how easy and effective our Twitter retweets service is! We will do all the work for you – you just need to specify your Twitter tweet link (no passwords).


FollowersBase helps you to organically grow Twitter followers and engagement through legitimate marketing techniques. With our targeting we drive real targeted Twitter users to your tweets, so these people are actually engaged and interested in your tweets!

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Get Real Twitter Retweets & Enhance Your Brand Engagement

What’s the value of Twitter retweets for my brand?

The world’s 7th favorite social media platform brings much with it through its retweeting function. Retweets are basically online word of mouth — with undeniable importance. 

Having more retweets source credibility and high authority for your brand. The more people retweet your content, the more it promotes the value your brand delivers — showcasing your expertise! 

Retweets also give new and more exposure to your brand as each person who retweets your content has a separate circle of friends and followers. This translates to free promotion for your brand and could result in new followers. 

Moreover, retweets also up your brand and post engagement directly as well as indirectly — by sparking new conversations and discussions on the retweeted post. 

Remember: Retweets are a sign of value! It shows that someone regarded your tweet as valuable enough to share it within their own circle.

How can I get more Twitter retweets?

There are two methods of increasing your retweets: a) Organically, b) Inorganically.

The first process involves a lot of effort, time, energy, thought, and planning. You will need to post meaningful content regularly, include more attractive images & mini-infographics, indulge in humor & emotions, hold contests & giveaways, and much more. But even after weeks of effort, you might not get any measurable results. 

This brings us to the second method, where you buy retweets from social media service providers. This process is much more effective and time-saving, given that you choose the right service provider.

Are purchased Twitter retweets safe & legit?

Since there are all kinds of service providers and all qualities of Twitter retweets, it all comes down to where you buy the retweets from. 

If you buy very cheap retweets from some random service provider, chances are you are just wasting your money. On the other hand, reliable sources like Followerbase deliver high-quality retweets from real and active users — that are completely safe & legit. They boost your engagement, increase your reach, add exposure, and even your follower base — while adding to your credibility.

So, we can assure you that your tweets or profile will be completely safe while we are working on them. We don’t even require to log in to your profile, so we don’t ask for login credentials. All we need is your username and tweet link to promote.

So, if you Twitter retweets from FollowersBase, you can be sure that you are getting only the highest quality services and be calm about your profile’s good-standing while your profile grows.

But you should know that if you choose to retweets from some unknown provider which deliver retweets from inactive users, then we cannot guarantee that you won’t get in trouble as you don’t know the quality of their retweets.

Why is buying Twitter retweets important for brand engagement?

Buying Twitter retweets does wonders for your brand engagement. It cuts back on the time, effort, energy, and even money required to boost your engagement organically — ensuring instant brand fame. 

While retweets are one of the key metrics that Twitter uses to calculate engagement, they also lead the way for comments and likes on the actual tweet — further pushing the engagement up. 

Note: The average organic engagement rate on Twitter is 0.037% — just over 3 interactions per 10,000 followers!

Can I buy real retweets for Twitter?

Yes, you can buy real retweets for your Twitter profile from credible sources like Followersbase — who target & drive actual users toward your tweets.

Is buying Twitter retweets cheap?

Twitter retweet services come across different price points depending on the quality and quantity. However, one should always be wary of sites offering the services very cheap, as this could indicate low-quality retweets. 

If you are willing to spend on buying retweets, it’s better to give value to quality over price. At legit sources like Followersbase, you can get premium-quality 20 retweets for just $14.99 — with proof of quality.

You only need to specify your Twitter post link, login details are not necessary for us as we will not be logging in to your profile.

We do the promotion externally, so your Twitter post and profile in general will stay safe while we are working on getting more retweets on it.

Can I buy Twitter retweets with instant delivery?

Yes, you can avail the service with instant delivery!

While there are many websites offering instant delivery, Followerbase comes at the top with the shortest amount of time — just within 3-8 hours. 

What is the best place to buy Twitter retweets?

Followersbase is the ultimate best website to buy Twitter retweets. We offer the least turnaround time with the highest quality of retweets — that are gathered from actual Twitter users. 

Furthermore, our customer support is unprecedented with a lifetime of free refills and 24/7 availability. To ensure customer safety & security, we never ask for sensitive details like passwords. And with client satisfaction as our top priority, we always strive to provide extra retweets.

Be aware of other suppliers as some of them may not guarantee non-drop services. While we at FollowersBase even guarantee free refills in case any of the retweets disappear. That’s how sure we are about the services we provide. So, if you 100 Twitter retweets, it means that you will get 100+ retweets on your post and they will stay there forever.

In short, Twitter retweets are the source of brand credibility, engagement, reach, and exposure — ultimately sales. Since the organic process of increasing retweets is hectic, the best solution is buying them from authentic sources like Followersbase — to fast-track your brand’s success.

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