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YouTube comments & we will grow your YouTube video comments by using the newest marketing techniques.


  • Clients usually get 20+ organic video comments
  • No fake comments/bots
  • 100% Safe
  • Choose up to 2 videos to split comments on
  • 24/7 Support
  • No password required


  • Clients usually get 50+ organic video comments
  • No fake comments/bots
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  • Choose up to 5 videos to split comments on
  • 24/7 Support
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  • Clients usually get 100+ organic video comments
  • No fake comments/bots
  • 100% Safe
  • Choose up to 10 videos to split comments on
  • 24/7 Support
  • No password required


  • Clients usually get 200+ organic video comments
  • No fake comments/bots
  • 100% Safe
  • Choose up to 20 videos to split comments on
  • 24/7 Support
  • No password required

Key Features

100% Safe

YouTube comments are organic & real, this is why they are safe for your video

Highest Quality

We advertise your YouTube video to get real comments

You will gain credibility

The bigger count of video comments helps to gain more credibility

Instant Growth

Encourages others to subscribe to your channel

Fast Delivery

Orders are delivered as fast as possible


We usually deliver more than you have ordered

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Plenty of other companies offer fake video comments from suspiciously looking users. With us you will get active and real YouTube comments, so users will be actually interested in your content!


Our account managers do it all for you! You will be surprised on how easy and effective our YouTube comments service is! We will do all the work for you – you just need to specify your YouTube video URL.


FollowersBase helps you organically grow your YouTube video comments through legitimate marketing techniques. We drive real targeted YouTube users to your video, the users commenting under your videos will be real people!

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The ultimate guide to YouTube comments

1. Why people YouTube comments?

You probably already know that people YouTube subscribers, views, likes and even comments. Yes, you heard it right. You can also comments for your YouTube videos to increase the engagement rate.

This is the number one reason why people Instagram comments in the first place – they want to increase the engagement on their videos. The more comments you have, the higher the engagement rate and higher you rank in YouTube’s search results.

YouTube’s algorithm instantly detects that you receive more than average comments under your video and it ranks such videos above the others because it thinks that your video is very interesting to people. So, ing YouTube comments does not just make your video more popular with more comments, but it also helps your video to rank and grow organically.

2. Are YouTube comments definitely real?

That’s right, all of our comments are real. It means that comments are written by real YouTube users who actually engage with your video. You may find a lot of services that provide YouTube video comments, however, not all of them provide real YouTube comments.

We make sure to gather only real comments under your videos because spammy looking comments are easy to detect. That’s why we always strive for the best quality possible.

By ing YouTube comments you will get real interactions with the audience and will be able to interact with them further on. If you decide to from someone else, then we would suggest to do your research first before making a purchase as not everyone can deliver real comments to your YouTube videos.

3. Is it safe to YouTube comments?

We always strive for the best quality possible, so we wouldn’t even offer this service for you if there would be any potential danger to your videos or channel in general.

So, we can assure you that ing comments for your YouTube videos is completely safe as we provide only real comments. ing real comments doesn’t violate YouTube’s ToS, however, if you some spammy-looking comments from other provider, then be cautious about this as spammy-looking comments are easy to spot.

By going with FollowersBase you are 100% sure that we take care of your videos and provide only the highest quality comments. So, if you want to comments, don’t hesitate and place your order on our website.

4. Should you YouTube comments?

It is a very good question. Should you YouTube comments for your video or not mainly depends on several factors. If you upload YouTube videos for your own pleasure just recording your personal moments for your personal use, then you don’t really need to any comments as you are not looking for growth.

However, if you want to increase engagement, growth your videos and get more exposure to your channel in general, then of course you should think of ing more comments to your YouTube videos. That’s because not only you get new comments, but it increases your engagement rate which automatically helps to rank your videos higher in search results. It leads to even more video views and subscribers for your YouTube channel.

So, if you want to grow on YouTube, then answer is simple – yes, you need to invest in your growth and YouTube comments.

5. Why should you choose FollowersBase for ing YouTube comments?

We provide social media marketing services since 2017. Since then, we have accumulated a lot of experience in this fields and that’s how we are able to provide the highest quality services to our clients.

Our clients are still getting back to us till this day as all of them were happy with the services we provide. If you want to YouTube comments safely and without any risk, then you should think twice by going with an unknown service provider. It is always best to choose the respectable brand that has been in this business for a long time.

This way you will know that you get the highest quality comments for your YouTube videos and not some spammy-looking cheap comments.

6. Can I YouTube comments & make my video popular?

Yes, you can definitely make your YouTube video popular simply by ing YouTube comments. You see, the more comments your YouTube video gets, the more YouTube algorithm will push your video to other users.

Videos with high engagement rate are suggested to other users more and this leads to even more growth on YouTube. So, by ing YouTube comments you are not only increasing the amount of comments you get, but your video will also rank better in YouTube’s search results and appear in recommended videos section more.

7. What are the benefits of ing YouTube comments?

As it was mentioned earlier, if you high quality YouTube comments then you are not only getting the larger amount of comments on your videos, but also this will trigger YouTube’s algorithm to push your video to the top of search rankings.

This happens because YouTube always recommends popular videos more so that they would be seen. And by popular, they do not need to have high amount of views, all that matters is the engagement rate on video – like & comment count.

So, the more likes and comments you get on your YouTube videos, the more organic growth they will get in return.

8. How does ing YouTube comments work?

The process of ing YouTube comments is very simple. You don’t even need to worry about it as all do everything for you. What is required from your side is only placing an order on our website and specifying the YouTube video link on which you want to get the comments on.

We do not require any login details as we do not need to log in to your YouTube channel to promote your videos. We gather comments to your videos externally. By doing it this way your videos and channel in general will stay safe as you do not give out any sensitive information to us.

Once you place your order, it comments should be gathered to your video within 24 hours.

9. Will YouTube comments increase my video rankings?

Yes, they will most definitely increase your YouTube video rankings. You see, YouTube’s algorithm works the following way – the more engagement (likes, comments) video gets, the more algorithm suggests your video to other users and also this helps to rank your YouTube videos search results.

So, you are not only getting the influx of comments on your YouTube video, but also you will grow your videos organically after that as its search rankings will increase immediately.

This is called search engine optimization, which makes your video more favorable to being ranked higher than other YouTube videos.

10. Will bought YouTube comments drop?

No, you shouldn’t worry about comments dropping after you them, as we provide only non-drop YouTube comments. All the amount of comments that you ordered will be added to your YouTube videos and none of them will drop.

In case any of them drop, we will resubmit it for further refilling for free to get back the lost comments, however, they will not drop after your order is processed as we gather only real and high quality comments to your YouTube videos.

11. What are organic & real YouTube comments?

So, this is a really good question and it is nice that you understand that there are many various qualities of YouTube comments that you can on the market right now.

Let’s start from organic ones. Organic YouTube comments are the ones which came to your video and left their comment organically. All of them are also real. On the other hand, real YouTube comments are basically those comments that were left by real users. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they came organically, they could be gathered in other ways, however, they were all left by real people.

12. Why are high quality YouTube comments important?

High quality YouTube comments are very important for your YouTube videos. This is because the more comments you get on your video, the better your video ranks in search results.

So, you are not only increasing your comment count but also increasing your video search ranking positions so they start getting even more views than they were getting before. This is why comments and engagement overall are one of the most important things on your videos.

13. Are all YouTube comments the same?

As you may have guessed from previous answers, not all YouTube comments are the same. Actually, they are very different as you may find one provider selling them for very low prices while others charge twice more for the same amount of comments. Why this happens?

Well basically, their quality differs a lot. You may cheap low quality comments which come from spammy people who are not real users. While on the other hand, you can YouTube comments that are high quality and that come from real people that use YouTube on a daily basis. That’s why their pricing differs so much.

We would always suggest to go only with high quality comments as low quality comments only increase the amount of comments you get and nothing more.

14. Can you become an influencer by ing YouTube comments?

Yes, you can definitely become YouTube influencer simply by ing YouTube comments. However, getting comments on your videos will not be enough to become an influencer, you also need to get views and subscribers too.

However, when you start getting more comments, YouTube algorithm will automatically send more traffic to your video which will lead to more views and subscribers. This will eventually make your popular person and influencer on YouTube.

15. How many comments do you need per one YouTube video?

This question is really hard to answer! Basically, it depends on the amount of views you are already getting on your YouTube videos. The more views you get, the more comments you need to be getting, so you always need to look at the ratio of views and comments.

On average, you should be getting around 5 comments per 1000 video views. By ing more comments you will make your video stand out from other videos and this will make your YouTube video popular.

16. How to increase YouTube video comments organically?

We have all tried increasing comments organically, but it is very hard to do. It requires a lot of your time and effort, which is sometimes not worth at all. However, if you want to do it organically, then here are a few tips that can help you to do it.

Firstly, always reply to the comments you are receiving on your videos. This will trigger other users to leave their comments too because they know that you will respond to them. Also, this triggers other users to participate in a conversation which leads to even more comments.

Secondly, ask questions and tell your audience to leave replies in the comment section. This will instantly increase the amount of comments you are receiving on YouTube videos.

What are you waiting for?