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YouTube views & we will grow your YouTube video views by using the newest marketing techniques.


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Why to choose us?


Plenty of other companies offer fake video views which don’t interact with your video at all. With us you will generate more active organic YouTube views, which engage with your video and are interested in your content overall.


Our account managers do it all for you! You will be surprised on how easy and effective our YouTube views service is! We will do all the work for you – you just need to specify your YouTube video link.


FollowersBase helps you to organically grow your YouTube views and engagement through legitimate marketing techniques. With our targeting technique we drive real targeted YouTube viewers to your video, the users are real and actually engaged in your content!

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The ultimate guide to YouTube views

1. Why people YouTube views?

YouTube publicly displays your subscribers, views and likes count under your videos. You can hide your subscribers count from public, however, you cannot do that with video views.

These days views show whether you are popular on YouTube or not. The more YouTube video views you get, the more popular and known you are. That’s why people choose to YouTube videos on their videos. They want to be popular!

Why would you want to grow organically and get just a few hundred views on your video while you can get thousands of views instantly? That’s right, you can get them instantly!

Companies and brands are interested in ing YouTube views more than anyone else, because the amount of views show potential customers and clients whether they can be trusted or not. Would you trust a company that gets only a few hundred views on their videos? Companies get more leads and make more sales by increasing their views on YouTube.

2. Are YouTube views definitely real?

Yes, the video views we provide are real and generated from real users. Real user will come to your video and watch it. We provide only the highest quality views which have high retention rate.

However, there are some providers who provide just spam traffic to your video which doesn’t give it any benefit. You don’t need views that do not interact with your video, right? You want to get active users who will like and comment under your videos and become your fans.

That’s why you need to choose who you from and do your research prior to purchasing.

3. Is it safe to views?

You may wonder is it safe for your channel or your video to video views. We can assure you that it is completely safe and secure both for your channel and your video.

Even more, the more views you on your YouTube video, the more it will get organic traffic to it. People will be more inclined to watch video which already have a few thousand views compared to one which barely has a hundred views. That’s a psychological effect.

Rest assured, you may as many views as you would like to because we haven’t ever had any issues providing our services since 2017. None of our customer have ever had any issues whatsoever, all of them were happy with their purchase.

4. Should you YouTube views?

It depends whether you are using YouTube just to share your personal experience and show it to friends or you want to make yourself or your brand well-known and famous.

If you run a YouTube channel and want to get more exposure and want to become famous, then ing YouTube views is a necessary investment to your growth. People don’t want to see videos which have only a few hundred views, they are not very interested in such videos.

However, when people see that you are getting thousands and thousands of views per video, they will be more inclined to click on your video and watch it. This will consequently increase your click-through rate and retention rate. This will lead to higher organic rankings of your videos in the search results.

By the way, if you are selling any services/products or include affiliate links in your videos, then you must have a lot of views on them. People won’t be inclined to click on your links or your products/services if video has received only a small amount of views. On the other hand, if people see that you receive many views, then they will trust you because you will seem instantly trustworthy for them.

That’s why people YouTube views in the first place – to rank better in organic search results and get more leads & sales.

5. Why should you choose FollowersBase for ing YouTube views?

If you use Google search to find YouTube video views supplier, you would find at least a few dozen service providers as there are a lot of them.

However, how do you know which of them are legit and which are not? Some of them may even take your money and not provide any service at all. While other cheaper service providers may supply you with low quality & low retention views. But you don’t want to get such views on your YouTube videos, you only need high quality views.

FollowersBase provides YouTube views since 2017 and all of our customers were happy with these services. We provide only high retention & real YouTube views because we promote your YouTube videos to real people. That’s why people love our services so much, because they get real views on their videos.

Why would you YouTube views from unknown provider when you may choose a legitimate supplier to the views from? By ing YouTube views from FollowersBase you are sure that you are getting only the highest quality views on your videos.

6. Can I YouTube views & make my channel popular?

Yes, you can definitely make your videos and channel popular simply by ing YouTube views. Actually, ing YouTube views is one of the most popular growth methods on YouTube at the moment. The other one is organic growth, however, organic growth takes a lot of time and you may never see any results from that method.

If you YouTube views, then you will increase the view count on your YouTube video. What’s more, you will increase the engagement and retention rate, so this will lead to even more popularity on YouTube. YouTube algorithm will start suggesting your videos to even more users.

People are attracted to videos that are getting a lot of views. More video views you get, the more people will be inclined to subscribe to your channel and watch your other videos. People just like popular people, that’s just how human brain works.

7. What are the benefits of ing YouTube views?

There are a lot of benefits if you decide to YouTube views for your videos. I will mention only the four main ones.

Firstly, you are not only getting additional views on your YouTube video, you are getting increased retention rate too. All the views we provide are high retention rate, so it means that your video will rank better in YouTube’s search results.

Secondly, with increased retention rate & better rankings in search results comes even more organic growth afterwards. This will lead your video to get more views, likes and comments organically.

Thirdly, people are more inclined to watch video that have already gained a lot of views. They are more interested in it as they think that a lot of people already watched it, so it means that there’s something interesting to watch.

Lastly, if you are an influencer or a brand, then more video views will help you to gain more credibility as product supplier or service provider. People will see that your videos are getting a lot of views so they will trust you and will be more inclined to your products and use your services.

8. How does ing YouTube views work?

The process of ing YouTube views is very simple. All you need to do is to pick any YouTube views package and purchase it. Then specify your YouTube video link and that’s it. We will start promoting your video and you order should be completed within 24 – 48 hours depending on the amount of views you have ordered.

Please note that we do not need to login to your YouTube channel so you will not need to provide your channel login details, so your channel will stay safe and secure. You will be able to use your channel as you usually do while we are working on promoting your videos.

After your order is completed, you will be able to place another order as the quantity of views we can gather on your videos is unlimited. You can as many YouTube views as you want.

9. Will YouTube viewers interact with my video?

As stated previously, we promote your YouTube videos only to real users. This means that you are getting real YouTube views with high retention rate. So, there viewers may like and comment on your YouTube videos if they like the content you are posting.

All we want to say is that these users are real, so they will engage with your videos as far as you upload quality & interesting content.

However, we cannot force them to like or comment on your YouTube videos, that’s your job to do it with creating interesting content and suggesting them to press thumbs up on your videos.

So, make sure to upload high quality content on your channel and make it interesting, then engagement will follow along.

10. Will bought YouTube views drop?

That’s a really good question! If you would YouTube views from any other provider then YouTube views could drop from your videos afterwards. However, if you YouTube views from FollowersBase, then we can guarantee you that they will not drop after your order is completed.

We even provide lifetime guarantee for free view refills in case any of them drops. So, you can count on us for this matter.

As stated earlier, we promote your YouTube videos only to real users, so the views you will receive will be gathered only from real people. This means that views cannot simply drop-off one day without any explanation.

On the other hand, if you would YouTube views from unknown source, then they could easily drop-off after a few days, so we cannot give you any guarantees if you use another service provider other than us.

11. What are high retention & real YouTube views?

This is a great question as you need to know that there are different types of YouTube views in the market.

High retention views are those YouTube video views that have at least 80% retention. Retention means the percentage of the time spent watching your video. 80% retention rate means that 80% of your video has been watched.

As you have already guessed, higher the retention rate, the better. Higher retention rate means better audience retention and better engagement. The more your audience is interested in your video, the higher the retention rate. YouTube algorithm suggests videos to other users more if they get high retention rates.

Real YouTube views are views that are gathered from real users. It means that you are not getting some inactive views from inactive users, but real people are watching your videos.

That’s exactly what FollowersBase is providing. If you YouTube views from us, you will get only highest retention views from real users as we promote your videos only to real people.

12. Why are high retention YouTube views important?

As mentioned earlier, there are variety of views qualities that you can . There are high retention (high quality) and low retention views. High retention views are usually more expensive than regular views as they are considered the higher quality. The higher the retention rate on your video, the better.

Why is it important, you ask? Well, YouTube algorithm checks not only your engagement rate while suggesting your videos to other users, but it checks your retention rate too. So, the higher retention rate you have on your YouTube video, the more chance there is that your video will skyrocket in views.

High retention is a crucial factor for your video getting more views and reach. The higher the retention (the more time viewers spend on your video), the more YouTube likes such videos and recommends them to other users. So, this leads to even more organic growth of your videos and channel overall.

So, if you decide to YouTube views, always make sure that you are ing high retention views for your videos.

13. Are all YouTube views the same?

No, not all YouTube video views are the same. Actually, if you look at the view count, you will not see any difference between one view or another as this is just a number.

However, if you compare high quality views that are high retention views versus low quality views, then you will see the difference in video performance and growth metrics.

There is no use in ing low quality views for your YouTube videos. And there are a lot of benefits if you decide to YouTube videos that are high retention and gathered from real users. By ing such views you are not only increasing the view count, but also getting more reach and organic growth afterwards.

It is important to mention that FollowersBase provider only real & high retention YouTube video views.

14. Can you become an influencer by ing YouTube views?

You can surely do! There are two ways how you can become YouTube influencer – either by growing organically or by ing YouTube views.

Organic growth takes a lot of time – usually it can take you up to 2 or 3 years to see any significant growth. While if you YouTube views then you will be able to become influencer within a few weeks or months.

However, keep in mind that video views alone do not make you an influencer. You also need to have certain amount of subscribers on your YouTube channel, this is the most important metric.

Luckily, you can both YouTube views and YouTube subscribers for your channel, as we offer both of these services. If you are ready to become an influencer – then go ahead and simply place your order!

15. How many views do you need to become influencer on YouTube?

As mentioned earlier, the amount of views doesn’t make you an YouTube influencer straight away as the most important metric is YouTube subscribers. That’s because if you only have one video uploaded on your channel and it got 1 million views, you will still need to upload many more videos and get more subscribers on your YouTube channel.

However, YouTube influencers with established YouTube audiences can make good money starting with 100k monthly video views. Of course, you can start marking money with less views, however, brands & companies are mostly interested in those YouTube creators who get at least 100k YouTube video views on a monthly basis.

So, if you are too short of 100k monthly video views, then don’t hesitate and some YouTube views for your videos. This will increase the change that you get a good collaboration offer from a brand and will start making good money.

16. How much YouTube channels with 100k+ monthly views make per year?

That’s a really good question! However, it is impossible to answer simply by stating some round numbers. Earnings varies for every creator as it main depends on the niche that creator is in. For example, YouTube creator in technology niche may earn 5x more compared to creator in gaming niche.

Another thing to notice is that there are many monetization methods on YouTube, you are not only getting ad revenue from YouTube, but you can earn money from affiliate deals (commission based) and brand deals. The more creator spends time searching for opportunities, the more he will make.

However, on average a YouTube channel with 100k monthly views can expect to make around 1000 USD a month from advertisement revenue + around 4000 USD from brand deals & affiliate commissions. This would equal to 5000 USD earnings a month.

So, if you are not getting 100k monthly views yet, then don’t wait any longer as you may simply YouTube views for your videos on our website.

17. How to increase YouTube video views organically?

As you already know you may not only YouTube views but you can also grow them organically for free. This method takes a lot of time and resources, however, it is free. Here are the 3 main tips on how to grow your YouTube views organically.

Firstly, post quality content. Quality beats quantity. It is better to create one high quality video that you audience would really like than 5 average videos. That one video may get a lot more views than 5 videos combined.

Secondly, schedule your videos & post consistently. While quality is king, consistency is queen. Keep a regular schedule and post daily, 2-3 times a week or weekly videos. Choose your preferred and keep holding on it so that your audience would know when to expect for your new video to be published.

Thirdly, engage with your audience. There are a lot of people that comment under your videos. Reply to their questions and just thank them for their support. Other people will see that you engage with your audience and will be more inclined to leave their comments and like your videos. This will increase the engagement rate and get you more organic growth.

What are you waiting for?